Stockholm Vatten
Drinking water to a million people
The drinking water is of high quality

Every day Stockholm Vatten produces 360,000 m³ of drinking water in the two waterworks of Lovö and Norsborg, and distributes it to 1.3 million people in Stockholm.
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Effective treatment of wastewater

Henriksdals sewage treatment works

We treat and purify wastewater to ensure that the aquatic environment is protected, and constantly work to reduce the amount of environmental toxins in the wastewater. We also recycle the waste products into usable resources in society.
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Drinking water quality

A drinking water of high quality.

The drinking water quality in Stockholm is of high and consistent quality, which means that you can drink it directly from the tap. Read more about the drinking water quality.
 Drinking water quality (.pdf, 24 kB)

Feel free to contact us

Feel free to contact us.

No matter what your errand is, you are always welcome to contact us. You can either use e-mail or your telephone. Depending on how urgent the issue is you can reach us via our 24-hour automatic phoneservice or via SOS-alarm.
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